Weekend Warriors: Week 2 Public Photo Hunt Clues

We’re continuing our new weekend photo hunts, which run from Thursdays to Sundays. Your photo will be either approved or rejected, and bonus points are no more. We’ve also included a new cumulative leaderboard that you can visit online at www.eventzeeapp.com/leaderboard. Will you become a Weekend Warrior?

  • Adventurer-Take a picture with an actual map.
  • Scalp Tix- Show some concert, sporting event or theatre tickets.
  • Vacation- Show us your ideal vacation in postcard form.
  • Spirit Fingers- We’ve got spirit how about you? Take a pic yelling into a megaphone.
  • Sleuth- Solve the mystery with a magnifying glass.
  • Eventzee Blvd.- Find a street named after someone historically famous.
  • Cinema- What new movie are you most excited for?
  • Flying Saucer- Throw a frisbee with a friend.
  • Lemon.- Take a pic of a Volkswagen Beetle. Bragging rights if it’s yellow.
  • Double Windsor- Hope you know how to tie a tie…
  • Apples or Oranges?- The age old question: Which do you prefer?
  • Coolest- Fill a cooler with your favorite beverage.
  • Corey Hart- Wear your sunglasses at night.
  • March Sadness- Take a pic with a basketball.
  • EXTRA, EXTRA!- Take a pic trying a newspaper crossword puzzle.
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