Weekend Warriors: Week 6 Public Photo Hunt Clues

We’re continuing our new weekend photo hunts, which run from Thursdays to Sundays. Your photo will be either approved or rejected, and bonus points are no more. We’ve also included a new cumulative leaderboard that you can visit online at www.eventzeeapp.com/leaderboard. Will you become a Weekend Warrior?

  • Was this your card? – Find the Ace of Spades.
  • Tatted Up – Permanent or temporary, show us your ink.
  • Opposites Attract – Break out your color wheel and find something with two complimentary colors.
  • Local Take out Menu – What’s the best take-out food in your area? No national brands.
  • Self-reflection – Take a pic of your reflection in something other than a mirror!
  • Make a Wish – Catch the time at 11:11
  • #WouldYouRather – Play basketball with a golf ball or play golf with a basketball? Choose just one.
  • #ThrowBackThursday – School may be almost over for the year, but share a past pic of a first day of school: K-12.
  • Cotton-filled Chum – Take a pic with your favorite stuffed animal.
  • Candle-lit Dinner – Take some time to enjoy your weekend with a candle-lit dinner!
  • Bright Idea – Hold a light bulb above your head. If it lights up it must be a good idea!
  • Sticker Licker – Stick some stickers on yourself.
  • The Funnies – Take a pic of a comic strip, book or novel.
  • Bookworm – What’re you reading these days?
  • Bejeweled – Show off your favorite jewelry.
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