Weekend Warriors: Week 8 Public Photo Hunt Clues

We’re continuing our new weekend photo hunts, which run from Thursdays to Sundays. Your photo will be either approved or rejected, and bonus points are no more. We’ve also included a new cumulative leaderboard that you can visit online at www.eventzeeapp.com/leaderboard. Will you become a Weekend Warrior?

  • What Big Eyes You Have- Show those peepers
  • Cheesy Grin- What’re you smiling about?
  • House of Cards- How high can your house go before falling?
  • Food for the birds- Go to the park and feed the birds
  • Take the stairs- Burn some calories and steer clear of the elevator
  • Ribbons and curls- Don’t have enough hair to curl? Be creative.
  • Pillow Fort- Turn your couch cushions and blankets into an unbreakable fortress
  • #ThrowbackThursday- Share a past pic of your first love.
  • ARGGGGH- Show us your best representation of a pirate.
  • Mud Pie- Get your hands muddy and prepare a dirty dessert.
  • Jammin’- Jam to some music in your favorite headphones.
  • Baker’s Dozen- Cookies, donuts, cupcakes- the choice is yours. Just make sure it’s a baker’s dozen.
  • Flash Photography- Snap a pic of an older camera, ironically, with your smartphone.
  • Question Master- Find a “?” somewhere in the real world on a sign, billboard, poster, etc.
  • Duct Tales- Find something being held together with duct tape.
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