Weekend Warriors: Week 9 Public Photo Hunt Clues

We’re continuing our new weekend photo hunts, which run from Thursdays to Sundays. Your photo will be either approved or rejected, and bonus points are no more. We’ve also included a new cumulative leaderboard that you can visit online at www.eventzeeapp.com/leaderboard. Will you become a Weekend Warrior?

  • Tie the Knot – Let’s see your knot tying skills.
  • #ThrowBackThursday – Dust off a picture of you in your cap and gown.
  • Mug Shot – Hold up a sign like you’re getting booked.
  • All That Glitters – Find something that sparkles.
  • Seed me, Seymour – Take a pic of two different kinds of seeds.
  • Alphabet Soup (A) – Find something that starts with the letter A.
  • Corded Phone – Do you still use a phone with a cord?
  • Out-Dated-d – Take a picture of a physical calendar.
  • Elvis Has Left The Building – Do your best impression of the King under an EXIT sign.
  • Rubber Duckie – This yellow fellow is a great bath time pal.
  • Cereal Killer – Get a little sadistic with a box cereal.
  • School’s Out – Take a pic of a textbook.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors – Show us your go-to move with an actual rock, paper, or pair of scissors.
  • Clueless Clippers – Write a riddle with magazine clippings.
  • Wall Art – Find a large mural on a wall.
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